Sigma Nu

Gamma Mu - University of Illinois

Spring Rush 2021

A message to Prospective Members:

Sigma Nu has been welcoming men to college life for 148 years. At Sigma Nu we recognize that, during your college years, it is your peers that will teach you, influence you, and inspire you more than at any other time in your life. Our badge is a star that symbolizes reaching out in friendship to all. Our principles of Love, Honor, and Truth can be summarized in this way:

The more friendship you offer, the more friendships you will experience.

The more respect you show, the more respect you will be afforded.

The more authentic you are, the more confident you will become.

And, with these values you will build a reputation for kindness, consideration, and honesty in everyone you meet.

In college life and beyond, the strength in our lives is found in the people we choose to live our lives with,


The Brothers of the Sigma Nu Fraternity
at the
University of Illinois